the creation of the new universal identity

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the creation of the new universal identity

Post by 000027 on 05.08.15 11:45

names of the universal identity creation:
universalism starts with the name, we all have a name or names in our official traditional universal identity,
that someone has chosen or given to us, family, cousins, or some other people of the surroundings, in true
but for the new paradigm we need the additional names that we ought to create under some parameters
most common in use is chaldean numerology, in which every letter has a numerical value, respectively applied,
we'll start from the top: INITIALS ...... 2828 2882 8228 8282 3737 3773 7373 7337 4646 4664 6464 6446 5555 ..
those are all numerical variations, now we go to alphabet: RFRF OGGO DUTW HENX .. and as follows onward
you can perceive that we use rounded numbers of the sums to keep the universal paradigm in full extent, obviously
let us make one identity with 4 names: 3737 (20) SOGZ (20) Sxxxxxx Oxxxxxxx Gxxxxxx Zxxxxxxx, is: 7/8/7/8 = (30)
now, we are filling the letters to comply with the principle of the paradigm, which is as follows: 20/30/20/30 = (100)
Sandang (22) Oromandi (31) Geranto (27) Zostenis (35) = (115), sure, we have to cut some values to come to 100
Sandana (20) Orolanda (30) Germada (20) Zostamis (30) = (100), and we have a brand new universal identity for us
Xemibar (7/20) Hargeten (8/30) Erobara (7/20) Nargotes (8/30) can be next id, then after this basic start we can go to
Sandana (20) Orolanda (30) Xemibar (20) Hargeten (30) >3755/SOXH/7878/20302030, and proceed to create 8b names
to satisfy the comprehensiveness of the (divine) universal paradigm, DCUP, divine universal paradigm, @Zikalkis ..

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