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Post by Admin on 24.03.18 12:48

if you want to expand your site more extensively to over 100K users. well, i am available on skype: skayovo .... and here on this reply .... i have ideas, you have programmers ... i guide, you lead ... i represent users and morality and you represent owners and technology ... so we go ...!
financial claims .... they are so many in the world .... but how to relize them .... we can consider claims of hashocean victims .... who will pay it .... we can trade the claims as AA (assignment agreements) but end payer will not be found ever .... i offered solution to engage divine money for such purposes ... then we could continue same pace to drive for to thrive ....! ... else, i see average of twitterers is increasing from 46 to 64 .... good sign for ico/ito reaching hard cap .... probably, our owner should go deeper in explanation at added AA .... you must be with claim in order to get right to create AA and transfer that right to assignee .... now, owner has debth to a bank, he can not sell it as AA, the bank can deposit that claim in depository and container so that right on claim could sold  as AA to any buyer ( if ever buyer would be found ) .... now what, the bank would be satisfied with 90K€ .... we, as site, buy that distressed debth of 100K for 90K ... but we need members to buy it for 110K€  .... we pay all in zig in-house ... but bank is out in the jungle and needs meat .... we can throw them 90K if we find that way to earn on it 10K ... 10% ... so we can activate members  to buy and sell mundane for crypto (zig) and divine (dd) ... i deposited 737 zig 10 days ago, no sign of that money, chatter said: wait .. and disappeared .... i mean chat vanished .... i test our community, too, and i have succeeded to sell some zig until now, for 0.005 eth (it was enough cheap for the buyer) on ether delta .... !
my code is 737373 so you can buy the tokens .... and that is also our dab ... divine accounts balances ... your emas are playing, do not wary ... all will be settled on planetziggurat or ecex.excahange ... i hope .. or we shall make our site for all users stuff and staff ...!
we continue our chores online ... owners and users ... okay, no problems, he takes fees i pay dd .... hah .. i think i have found an answer on what is divine money online ... thing is simple: "god pays fees" ....!/trade/0xe760a89967d8c7fa638eebfc15a77ba107674021-ETH
These are my activities as regards ZIG establishing .... We have less than a month to end of ICO ... I think that on supply side we could find a lot of costumers and consumers but on demand side of claims and rights we can find almost nobody, that is why i suggest to turn to USERS, so that site would be predominantely oriented to help any user to earn daily for daily life and resolve any financial problem that he encounters universally (we skip universal and international and global). Latest my idea as a solution is that a part of the divine balance 737373 dd is running as a permanent faucet. So, that every day the value of 2 dd is activated and it could be possible to exchange to any crypto or fiat or token on site and used as such. Bux or clix we have in our internal bounty which we could extend and expand to all online industry, but not as guru or alpha or virals or irfan, "we have to be the wall for all". The business with assignments should be one of our activities with less than 10% of total volume. Nobody buys any of my tokens, how can we imagine someone will buy an assignment valid 100 000 ZIG=1€ ... outside valued 1€cent!
If i buy claims from someone with his universal documents, how can i get my money back and earn commission or profit. EE shall ean fees and i will have to put my AA on browsing again waiting any buyer. Correct, owner explained that this is trade of AA as on stock exchange, nothing new! ZIG solution is good but audience is so narrow, so, conclusion is: owners have to make space in this place for all users, not just for himself. I was in all churches but nobody has come to my church, so i know what is "one man's church" .. temple ... haha! okay ... i am avilable to all with some capabilities and abilities to make a site with divine accounts balances and so on ...!

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