welcomes you from all the universe.

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welcomes you from all the universe. Empty welcomes you from all the universe.

Post by 000055 on 15.07.15 0:33

This place has enough space. Welcomes you from all the universe. Stay and play.
Separate tents or in collective dormitories, bags or beds, you wll all be accommodated.
This establishment includes: campsite, hostel, our private house, 2 tennis courts, a gym and a large parking
Don't drink zinfandel too much .... leave some for .... tomorrow .... !
☀ ☀
you may join my forum .... bux and game .... camping-hostel
it takes you no time ... i do it all ... but you can follow actions
you just register using usernumber as username: say: 000111 ... lol
or any other number from 000001 to 000144 (6 leagues by 24 teams)
we are already 5 users ... haha ... 5/144 ... we and you may earn too
we experiment and explore the new ways of clicking and gaming
i think it would be interesting to you too .... or camping join live: lol
we run universally ... so don't hesitate to join the quest for the goodiest
be part of the history in experience
play fair and extensive
my skype: zikalkis (skayovo)
be in contact with all
ema: zizikan@gmail.com
keep your privacy and intimacy

☀ ☀

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