substance of subsistence

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substance of subsistence

Post by 003764 on 09.10.15 19:26

i hope we have absolved strategy game and clixers bux ............. now we go for shopping area
i started with selling my internet paintings .... 1000 dd each investment .... one painting weekly
sure, poetry poems and stories may be sold and bought too, easy online, as transactions're all
so, for top league, diviners, we invest 5000 dd, for bux 1000 dd (divine dollars), shopping 1k dd
and in betting 1000 dd & we have on mdab (member's divine dollars account balance) still 2k dd
so is that it is our divine right universally to have a grant in value of 10000 dd or $10K or 100 zix
in a year, next year we get 10000 dd more and we will be experienced in how to invest it around
ffab (forum's fiat account balance) gets fd (fiat dollars) from losses in game, in betting, that is all
ffab has dd, too, selling is not losing, buyer gets item/service and seller gets dd/fd in mdab/mfab
i imagined betting as 3 - bets parlay, in manner that if player wins by 2 or 3 guesses over forum
dd/fd go to the member if loses dd/fd go to universal forum fdab/ffab ....... what uf will do with dd
okay, whatever comes, let us do it practically, say swansea vs manu: 1 2 0, over/under 2, hd/ad,
i will try for tonight: england vs estonia: 1, o, hd. if 2 or 3 guesses money goes to winner dab/fab
and if there is one guess money goes to forum, thus the forum has to get dd uf account balance
so, every week we invest 1000 dd in betting, 1k in shopping, 1k in bux, 1 to 5k in strategy game
haha ... some users-emas will enter in red and wait for the next year to come back in green .. lol
mdab and fdab, mfab and ffab are ok to be precise . but we shall use mab dab fab for internal use,

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