zix to induce dollars to produce

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zix to induce dollars to produce Empty zix to induce dollars to produce

Post by 000064 on 23.09.15 11:39

one zix is presumed to be of value of 100 dollars, but we will use them internally, in forum,
so we call them divine dollars (dd or d$ or $d) so in forum 1Z=100d$ out of forum Z1=$100,
9999.0000 - divine providence bonus sustenance for user's universally individual sovereignty
1000.0000 - invested in forum's strategic soccer score game - fsssg (keep 10 shots all times)
1000.0000 - invested in gogo-bux, renting, buying referrals, buying shares, etc.(bux of buxes)
1000.0000 - purchased in forum's shop, vegetables, paintings, (topics: my shop's stand)
1000.0000 - transferred to other members of the forum
1000.0000 - invested in external affiliates - buxes, etc.
1000.0000 - betting, gambling, lotteries, contests etc ....
0100.0000 - added funds to user's universal balance
0000.0000 - .........
0000.0000 is end sum of spending transactions
0020.1000 - 0.1% of all transactions liable to withdrawal (payout) balance .... money production ...
d$ we induce $ to produce....
zix we induce $ to produce .... d$ to produce too ... through the game and gogobux
this is starting page for each and every citizen of this planet and universum, as be-fulcrum,
means, you send me your email addresses (as many as you want) i register them & each of them
gets a bonus of $10K (Z100), then you confirm it from your inboxes, then you spend this money
anywhere you can (mainly in forum) .... we record all transactions and yield (milk) 0.1% of it,
in this starting page that user can withdraw 0020.1000 dollars fiat or crypto money & live life,
this is my way how to induce our divine money zix = $100 (proconomy (provident economy))
into mundane life (economy (political economy)) that secular god complements to civilisation
yes, peers and sirs, we induce divine money & we produce mundane currency (fiat/crypto)
free trade, new jobs created, fresh investments introduced, new paradigm added to our lives,
the main problem is source of the money .... how to provide an universal money supply?
yeah ... well .... i see this thing as universal solution which we can apply nowdays here,
namely, if we admit the god to appear in our experience, then he/she should be attributed
and ascribed with a zillion dollars ... lol .... the gdp of this civilisation (7b ppl) is about $70t
that would be $10K a year for every person, so, if you have divine providence in experience,
you will merit a right on divine grant of $10K each (average world's salary is also near $10K)
.... yes .... who will do it .... me, zik zikalkis, presumed exo-entity who is working the job of a
secular god as next to the civilisation .. yes, big responsibility, but such are parameters today,
how i do intend to execute it, just send me your email address, i'll registering you in my forum,
there i will ascribe you $10000 and i shall run your topics and send you money what you earn:
in the bux, in the game, on the pool's parlay and so on, you can shop in forum, you can invest,
but you could be able to use those divine dollars in other affiliate buxes for upgrade & rent etc
provided that buxes owners want to accept such clean money .... haha ... of course, that is not
lawful money but is not outlaw, too, when we put divine providence in experience into legislation
then we can have some laws about it, so far it is bold try to risk with inducing such divine money,
thus: "zix we induce, dollars to produce" .... all must go through the forum else it is out of control
our free forum: http://000037.forumotion.com/ email address: zizikan@gmail.com , skype: skayovo

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